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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  October 23, 2013 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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that's for "the willis report." don't forget to dvr the show. have a great night and we will see you tomorrow. ♪ ♪ lou: liberals on capitol hill and in the national media are beginning to awaken to the nightmare that is obamacare. and they are beginning to push responsibility directly on the president on the white house. i am lou dobbs. good evening, everyone. obamacare is failing. and that failure goes well beyond the disaster his website, health the presidents usual allies are
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begining to hold mr. obama himself accountable for what is now knocking less than an utter fiasco. it is a decided change of voice and tone within the democratic party. senator shaheen called upon the enrollment to stop until it's working properly. mark begich joining the chorus just moments ago. fellow democrats, bill nelson of florida calling the obamacare rollout inexcusable. he told the white house to fire whoever is responsible for the barely functional website on which the obama administration spend hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars. congressman congressman rick no one effectively told the president to grow up and take ownership of the
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obamacare mass. to let us know who's responsible and to fire them. "the new york times" is defending health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius, while placing the blame for the obamacare disaster squarely on the president. "the washington post" featured a front-page article today on the already failing health care system. the networks of nonprofit insurance companies created by the government to provide competition for the major corporate insurers. even the cbs and nbc anchors reven the cbs and nbc anchors reporting the grim news for this administration. but they usually support and
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shield from such news. >> as we have been reporting, this new website and unveiled by the obama administration has been a big mess from the start. to enroll in delaware,ted as although i'll miss she did it bn hours over 11 days. lou: seven hours over 11 days. cbs reporting what is always to anyone who watches fox business or fox news. you may wonder where diane sawyer was on the subje. so were we. abc news dii not cover the obamacare disaster on its evening newscast last night. and as of this hour, the abc news website is also devoid of coverage of the obamacare
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disaster. abc notwithstanding the president's liberal media complaints appearing to be humbling along with a unified front of democratic congressmen and senators. the function of the website, not the only issue that they are contending with tonight. something that the president said in his rose garden speech on monday is raising eyebrows and concerns as well and it has everything to do with the information that health care consumers have to give the federal government. senior national correspondent john roberts has our report. >> watermarked the president of the united states in the rose garden on monday, he tried to assure people hit a brick wall on the obamacare website. >> we will contact you directly in the coming weeks, personally with a concrete recommendation for how you can complete your application and shop for coverage. reporter: in doing so, he raised more concerns about privacy.
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how would the government know to contact people, and how much information are we giving away on the website. a lot says david kennedy. >> it will be one of the largest collections of u.s. information and history. reporter: according to the privacy policy on the website, it will be shared with other government agencies, including the internal revenue service from the social security administration, and the department of homeland security. >> this is another validation point that if the government has the information, they will use it for other purposes. reporter: it did make one notation. when i called the obamacare hotline to do the same thing, i was told that i need your name, date of birth, mailing address, social security number. reporter: christopher rasmussen who wrote about this said that that is a problem. >> to ask an applicant for his social security number and sensitive information so they are ready to apply for a plan should not have been.
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reporter: as for how long they will hold onto the data, the website is vague, long enough to a achieve the objective for which they were collected. and a third-party has been part of it, verifying enrollees identities. experience acknowledging that one of its subsidiaries was scanned in the selling social security numbers to a hacker in vietnam. the department of health and human services says that privacy is a top priority, but david kennedy who examined the code behind website yesterday says it's full of holes. >> it would be very simple for me to see all that information. all of your personal information that you could register on the site. reporter: the problem according to experts is that the government has almost completely focused on fixing problems with the availability and functionality of theebsite. when you spend all your time working on your front porch, it's very easy for someone to sneak in the back door and steal your stuff.
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>> everyone else seems to be having trouble. did you have trouble getting into the site? >> people that know me know that i am somewhat of a persistent fellow and it took me no fewer than six tries to be able to get to the part where i could create a log in. then i did that and i got an e-mail back to say this is your rification and when i tried to log it lob it mysteriously, the website had lost my account. so i tried it again and i finally got it back in the and over the course of four hours i have an account on health, but i'm not quite sure what to do with it at this point. lou: i know that you will figure that out as well. thank you so much. john roberts. obamacare not the only entitlement program driving the national debt higher. a new report by senator jeff sessions shows that the u.s. government has been
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$3.7 trillion on welfare and poverty assistance in just the past five years. putting that into some perspective, more than five times the amount that the nation has been on transportation and education over the same time and suggesting welfare reform would save billions and promote self-sufficiency, reducing the penalty for working and making the system fairer for taxpayers. we will have much more on obamacare and more on the political division within the democratic party. we will be right back. secretary kathleen sebelius says that obama didn't know about the problems with the obamacare website. is she defending it or putting him under the bus? tim murphy joins us
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lou: breaking news. senator mary landrieu and mark prior announcing they are supporting senator shaheen's call for obamacare enrollment. asking the white house to extend that deadline until health is fixed. last year's super bowl champions are being paid to do exactly that. the baltimore ravens receiving 100 30,000 dollars from taxpayers to promote the health care law on tv and radio and the team's official website and
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social media. valued at just under 1.1 billion, but still a surprising deal. my next guest says that spending hundreds of millions of tax dollars to fix health and whatever else is wrong with obamacare is like trying to overhaul what is still moving. it is time to press pause on the tech surge. joining us is congressman tim murphy and a cofounder of the caucus and a member of the energy commerce committee, which we will hear from secretary sebelius next wednesday. let's start, if we may. i just have to ask you here. do these problems manifest beyond the website? this is beginning to look like it may be a complete and utter disaster for the government and this administration and for
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those who wanted obamacare. >> was his for families that need at lower cost health care and easy to get. i remember two years ago we were having to face this and wanting targeted at that time was how great this would be for people to just get on the website and compare the plans and make it easier to get insurance. but what we are realizing now is that this would be part of an important bill that is insurmountable for families. half a billion dollars of taxpayer money is spent on something that doesn't work and we don't even know if it will work. >> it's about time that someone said it plainly, and let me be among the first to say so that this is pure dumb. this is stupid. people are talking about accountability and firing someone and i think it goes much further than that. he reaches across all of the
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government. we are confronting a government that says this is too dumb to manage such a program and the agency is too dumb to run the program and the government itself is so large that it's becoming part of a routine experience for american citizens with their government. and that is incomprehensible. >> the way that i wore this is similar and along the lines and whenever someone from the administration comes before us, they would say that everything is fine and not to worry about it. well, as it turns out, they were either woefully misinformed or not telling us the truth and either way it's not a very good picture and what they are
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describing is more of the former. they just kept growing more and more money out of another white house is talking about throwing even more money and we don't even know if that will work. >> congressman darrell issa who chairs the oversight committee asking everyone if they were assisting the government in their efforts to fix this website. the administration has not even been forthright about who has called an to help the white house put this together. he declared open transparency. we deal with it because we must. a lack of transparency and openness and forthrightness for the american people. i don't think we have to put up with that, do you? >> no, i thought we could have him be forthcoming. let's define what this is.
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but define the status with what will take place. instead it became something of a description of another push for people to sign up for the affordable care act. what a leader should do is go through step-by-step and say this is what we have done, here's our problems and here's what we will do about it. we cannot get a straight answer. we haven't got a straight answer from the staff before. the president is not giving us a straight answer and people are scared because their insurance plans are being terminated and they will be without insurance some by the end of november and others by the end of december. compassion dictates that we ought to be moving forward and we have to decide how to fix this and what do we do. and that is what we are going to drill in the questions tomorrow morning. lou: compassion would insist that our elected officials and the president himself take responsibility and take seriously their responsibility to govern. that means to manage this huge
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mass of government that is our federal government. very few people seem to be taking seriously that responsibility in the administration. you have talked about the number of people losing their coverage. kaiser detailing 620,000 people across the country who have been pushed out of these are individuals having their insurance or move because it doesn't meet the high and lofty standards of the affordability act. i just -- the affordable care act. blue cross dropping 45% of this acquired policy. it's 20 to 45% across the country. can congress do something this administration will not? >> those are the millions of
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people are we worried would lose their insurance matters back to the point of that we have let people have more choices, reaching across state lines, choosing insurance that is right for them. we are reminded that this is a law in what appears is that the law is a mess and this is a mess. we will try over the next two weeks to do what we can to help people. but if it's insurmountable, it is a problem. only one party voted for this and they didn't want input and that's part of the big government that you're talking about. when you don't have people trying to solve a problem, it will be interesting during the hearing if the democrats once worked with us or if it will bring the blame up and they may even blame george bush. >> that is interesting. reminding us that we haven't been treated to that explanation for some weeks now. thank you. we appreciate it. congressman tim murphy. lou: on wall street, stocks moving more following mixed earnings. down 54 points, the nasdaq down
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22 points. facebook mark zuckerberg topping the list of highest-paid ceos of last year, bringing in a whopping $2.3 billion in total compensation. the income comprised of stock options from the ipo. up next is an appalling breach of security that lives up to the definition of sleep in this country. that is next. that is next. stay with us, we are coming at od, whatever business you're in, that's the business we're in with premium service like one of the best on-time delivery records and a low claims ratio, we do whatever it takes to make your business our business.
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>> the air force academy has made it known that it is considering dropping or changing its honor code because it has the phrase so help me god in it. but that may be the least of the academy's problems. fox news reporting air force officers who were entrusted with nuclear armed missiles that have been punished for leaving while the men were sleeping. those doors are meant to prevent terrorists or other people from
10:24 pm
intruding and entering the area and compromising things. president obama fielded an angry phone call from angela merkel. she complained after the german government received information that her telephone may have been tapped by her intelligence agency. the white house says it is not monitoring and will not monitor or communications. but they did not mention whether those communications have been intercepted in the past. and some much-needed good news for spain who pulled out of a two-year recession in the third quarter. growing a robust one 10th of 1%, that is pretty strong after two years of recession. joining us now is general jack keane. former vice chief of staff and fox news military analyst. it is so great to have you with us. i am stunned by what the air
10:25 pm
force is going to hear. people leaving garage was open while sleeping. under their responsibility, i mean, what in the world is going on in the air force these days? >> there is no military function that receives more scrutiny than the safety and security of our nuclear weapons. the oversight, the checklist, the people involved. when you have a breach of security and safety, which we have had here in both cases and has been rolling all over this thing and this will get a huge investigation and everything, this is the number one function and there is no wonder that people have already been fired
10:26 pm
over this. lou: already fired and putting major michael kerry, a two star general responsible for this. at the same time, there is the scuttlebutt emanating from certain quarters in washington that the administration is carrying out something of a purge across the entire general staff were your thoughts? >> well, i don't know, i think it is probably unlikely. but the seriousness and the scrutiny, the justification is there people have the responsibility for it. the administration does have a reputation and the viewers
10:27 pm
understand that they are pulling the trigger pretty quick on some of our general officers over the last four or five years. and that is true. >> accountability seems to be resisting almost every other quarter of government and certainly not for our military branches. the president meeting with the prime minister of pakistan and we have resumed military aid to pakistan. what is your reaction given what is transpiring in afghanistan and in pakistan itself? >> this is an important relationship the condition should be -- they are pulling away for the support of the anctuaries that exist in pakistan that the afghanistan and taliban operate out of, and they operate out of those with the tangible support from the
10:28 pm
pakistani military and it's outrageous because these forces kill and maim our troops as well as the afghans. but nonetheless we give them and we write them a check every single year. despite this behavior. pakistan has to be involved in a negotiated settlement when the conditions are right for that. it cannot be what we tried in the past. the taliban themselves, probably the united states, also certainly pakistan. future stability rests on the shoulders as well as the pakistanis. >> when it comes to removing the words so help me god from their honor code, are there any
10:29 pm
reactions? >> it makes no sense to me. the knowledge of god has been part of our founding fathers to the president we are not specifying what religion that is associated with, but there has been an acknowledgment of the supreme being is part of the history of our country and others are looters untrammeled persinger to do. particularly what the air force academy represents and the values that we are trying to do there. we take young people and we strengthened our moral values and her character. certainly god has a place in all of that. lou: general jack keane, thank you so much. straight ahead, we will show you how the obamacare black hole could affect our entire economy. that is tonight's "chalk talk" coming up. >> the senate minority leader could be in for a tough reelection fight and we will be talking with matt devens here
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lou: i will be going to the blackboard to discuss the obamacare disaster of what has occurred and what is likely to happen in the economics of the unimaginable further failure of obamacare and the politics of it all mitch mcconnell is approaching a heated primary battle. my next guest says ben mcconnell negotiated the gop's surrendering of the debt ceiling deal. joining us now is matt devon who is a republican candidate contending with the senate minority leader. good to have you with us. >> great to be here.
10:34 pm
>> what motivated you to do this? at a pretty high office to start outlet? >> yes, it is. the most significant was the fact that as a nation, we are on an unsustainable financial pat. my confidence that those folks that are the career politicians in washington, who have created the mess we are in the have any capaty to resolve it. my confidence is not high and that is why i am in the race. lou: you are in the race you have gone off against the guy who is the minority leader of the u.s. senate and i have to tell you that i don't mark you down for ambition. you're going after eight big dog over $10 million and you have how much raised so far? >> i have raised $822,000 committee has raised
10:35 pm
17.7 million. but this isn't going to be purchased and i beg to differ on one thing. he's not very popular here in kentucky. it's part of the problem. he's the least popular senator among his own constituents. lou: the least popular senator, as he put it, from kentucky, he is going to have a dogfight and you will have to raise a lot of money. you have been endorsed by the senate conservatives fund, previously they have endorsed such folks like senator ted cruz. a pretty strong company to the end. is it your sense that you will be able to raise enough money to get this going? >> i think so. as long as i have the opportunity. they will have an opportunity to help me they go to the website. lou: there is nothing gratuitous about trying to raise money. >> yes, and that is the nature of the game.
10:36 pm
he will absolutely have the ability to raise any amount of money that he needs to. he has corporate backers that i do not have. that being said, i am confident that we will raise the money that we need to make this a competitive race and win may 20, next to you that you've been endorsed by a number of tea party groups in kentucky and do they have sufficient power to be truly helpful? because they haven't been much in evidence, in other parts of the country where the support has been sought and much has been expected. what are your thoughts? >> kentucky is a special place, including politically. it is not possible for a republican to win a statewide race in this state without tea party support. the tea party is who launched rand paul to the u.s. senate over the hand chosen unselected protége of mitch mcconnell. absolutely that supporters here.
10:37 pm
lou: senator paul endorsed mcconnell. >> they will vote one time on may 20, and the people of kentucky will not be moved by what people tell them to do. but i think he has some reasons for doing what he's doing. lou: did he share the reasons with you? >> i will let him speak for himself, but i believe that he has ambitions that might require him to be able to raise money. mitch mcconnell is the money raising master from corporate interest. lou: okay, we thank you for being with us. thank you so much. check us out on twitter. you can follow us at lou dobbs news or go to our facebook page. facebook/"lou dobbs tonight." up next, the failure of obamacare, much more than just an inoperative website and in
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>> part of the problem is that we have the threat of obamacare continuing to hang over our economy like a wet blanket and what you will see at the end of october is that more americans will lose their health insurance than will sign up at these exchanges. >> forget the wet blanket metaphor. speaker boehner is right about the obamacare train wreck. 70,000 people, 70,000 people have been signed up on the obamacare exchange according to the advisory board, which is
10:42 pm
doing its best to come up with estimates and monitor these exchanges. however, an estimated 20 to 45%, people who buy their own health care insurance, being kicked out of their plans by many insurance companies. one company alone kicked out, 300,000 people in california, one company alone another 160,000 people because of their policy falls short of lofty obamacare affordable care standards. millions of the 14 people who buy their own coverage are expected to suffer the very same fate. let's bring in hank sheinkopf. right here in new york.
10:43 pm
we have a campaign director for the center for american progress action fund and it's great to have you with us. let's start, if i may with you. this is a disaster by any standard and this administration will not tell people who has been brought in with the tech surge and this was supposed to be an open transparency and one assumes highly efficient management. what has happened? >> you and i and to have different defnitions of what a disaster it is. 30 million americans can now go into the exchange and find affordable insurance and i think that that is pretty dead. no one is denying the website has not gone nearly as smoothly as before. lou: it hasn't gone smoothly? is that your view?
10:44 pm
>> the rollout has not been ideal. lou: what about the network? >> what about the parts of the law that are working? >> i am asking about the co-op. >> let's talk about my favorite friend david hall. lou: i didn't ask you here to talk about what you want but to discuss this with our panel. so i would like to turn to angela and i would like to ask angela is well. >> my friend is an independent contractor and that's working for him. >> that super and we will tell that to the 50 million americans who presumably don't have insurance. there will be 30 million people who after spending 1.8 joined dollars will not have health care insurance.
10:45 pm
we do need health care reform and we have talked about this, they can go onto this website and this is supposed to be the most transparent administration. the bottom line is that we cannot get the number of how many people that have been able to go on the website to get affordable care. >> what in the world will it take for anyone to understand that you have "the new york times", "the washington post", nbc, cbs, calling what is, i cannot imagine anyone resisting it. this is a failure, an abject failure. >> i have to disagree for the following reason. the rollout stings, we should
10:46 pm
have health care, every civilization does, we don't have a system that works and i don't like the system. i'm a bad guy and i believe that this will benefit the insurance companies only and that is my problem with it. and they will make a lot of money and they will screw people as well. >> they are not going to make a lot of money. meeting today with insurance companies who bought into this and sold it to the american people as if they were an invested interest in their respective we facing mess with them. and that is why. they were depending upon this administration pushing 2.5 million folks. eighteen. >> 35 into the system and paying high prices and premiums for insurance that they typically don't buy and this is a fundamental program.
10:47 pm
>> they have overcharged increased premiums to cover their costs and they have done that to make sure that they recoup some of the cost. >> releasing 300,000 of their health care clients. it is kaiser permanente in california, making money hand over fist. >> i'm saying insurance companies always make money. they always do. >> what are your thoughts? >> the young people -- there's no question that we need a larger pool. that's how we get a larger pool. so we do need that in the system. >> young people to pay their premiums, to get into the program and support older people who are going to have higher demands on the health care system. >> every time this is done over last couple of weeks, you see
10:48 pm
the popularity of the light increases and it shows the exact same thing and then if you actually go break it down, the largest% of the population in favor of the law is 18 to 29. connecticut is a state that has released their number in the third of the people have signed up and they are under 30. lou: how many people actually signed up? >> a third of them are. >> we can get specifics from anyone except the advisory board. the other question i would have here is there anything that would make you think the results were somewhat suspect? >> is there something i don't know about here? >> what makes those numbers highly suspect the fact that no one is benefiting from obamacare and most to need it cannot get on to the very site that makes it possible and that is health
10:49 pm so i have to wonder why they would be thrilled with it. we will continue this conversation and we will come right back with obamacare mining a lot more in the way of higher taxes. will there also be better health care. we will take that up with the ♪ [ engine revs, tires squeal ] [ male announcer ] since we began, mercedes-benz has pioneered many breakthroughs. ♪ breakthroughs in design...
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lou: sofar obamacare demands much higher taxes and more bureaucracy and is delivering little to nothing. the obamacare website can't be fixed with a so-called technology surge. butobamacare is a giant black hole sucking up a substantial portion of our economy. the health care industry
10:53 pm
generates about $2.7 trillion per year, won six of our economy and it employs, this is incredible -- it employs one in eight americans. there are 16 million medical related jobs in the country. the nation's doctor shortage is projected to worsen dramatically because of obamacare. by the end of this decade, we will be facing a shortage of more than 90,000 primary care physicians and 800,000 nurses. what is obamacare all about and how does it relate to this? well, right now it is a major problem. the impact here could be devastating. why is there such patients on the left in this country?
10:54 pm
>> same three weeks of glitches, a lot of effort is being put in to fix it for six months open enrollment and i don't think that is huge, i think that's pretty reasonable. but i also think the answer is do you think it's worth it in the end. so many americans who have never been able to access health care before, it seems worth a. lou: but the problem is a couple of things. most people don't think it is worth it and they still oppose obamacare, more than half the country and then you talk about three weeks. the really big timeframe is over three years in which this administration and government have had the opportunity to prepare for october 1 and the onset of obamacare. when government takes three years and heaven knows how many weeks and months to deliver failure should not be, i don't think particularly long. >> is the fact that they will go from a congressional hearing regarding the website when they
10:55 pm
should do one that speaker boehner says we are going to lose jobs. over 2000 waivers done and you have religious organizations and we need to have a hearing to overhaul the whole thing and delay it. >> is staring us in the face. it is incompetent and dysfunctional and poorly led. >> what you need democrats to have coverage and i'm so happy that we have that. yes, they need to support this president and the mainstream media. >> do we worry less about cover and more about representatives and senators and presidents who stand up and take responsibility and act in the interest of the people instead of covering their own posterior? >> you find people feel one way
10:56 pm
of or the other and it's part of a public opinion. i like to see someone stand up and say this is how we will be what the doctor shortage, the nursing shortage, today and not tomorrow as you may have guessed. >> we have been asking those questions in this survey came out and it worsens from 90,000 to 100 30,000 by 2035. this is a monstrous problem that everyone wants to avert their eyes from. the congressional budget office projected that will cost him $1.8 billion over the next 10 years. twice the original contains about 21 new tax increases, about a chilling dollars over the next decade and "the washington post" reporting that the health care co-op is struggling and one of them has just failed and may leave the american taxpayer on the hook for another $1 billion in a defaulted loan. 30 million americans will still
10:57 pm
be uninsured after all of this is actually working. that is about a 40% solution for that is about a 40% solution for a 1.8 chili and dollar price when we made our commitment to the gulf, bp had two big goals: help the gulf recover and learn from what happened so we could be a better, safer energy company. i can tell you - safety is at the heart of everything we do. we've added cutting-edge technology, like a new deepwater well cap and a state-of-the-art monitoring center, whe experts watch over all drilling activity twenty-four-seven. and we're sharing what we've learned, so we can all produce energy more safely. our commitment has never been stronger. at od, whatever business you're in, that's the business we're in. with premium service like one of the best on-time delivery records and a low claims ratio,
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neil: it's upside down day in washington today. delegating much of meets to top official, bad form. worse form. keeping same cast of characters who am bar asked you. maybe this dude's problem is he owned up to botching something. that is not tolerated in this white house. but letting baltimore ravens promote your healthcare law is tolerated this inn the white house. and remember the guy who punched a woman after j


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